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America's Frequently asked questions

America's Frequently asked questions

This is a site maintained by author, Kevin Roderick. His book "The San Fernando Valley - America's Suburb" is an excellent introduction to the history of the San Fernando Valley. You can tell that Roderick, who grew up in the "Valley" certainly loves and appreciates the place. I, too, count myself as Valley bred and raised.

It is fun to look around me now as I drive near my home and see things I didn't notice before. I can still see the signs of the old valley, though they are getting fewer as time marches on.

Anti-Subjugator: Thanks America

Anti-Subjugator: Thanks America

This is SOooooooo Very Good!

Thanks to this most excellent Australian. I knew that I liked it "down under". . .One of these days I must go and visit down there. Australia and New Zealand. Both are beautiful in their own way.

Based upon this post to a "blogspot" blog. . .I gotta like the Australian!


Apparently the author of this blog is quite an unusual fellow. He seems to be advocating the creation of a new branch (or seeking to fill up an existing small offshoot) of Islam. He has defined this religion pretty much using just a few points, such as emphasizing THE GOLDEN RULE. . . .fighting SUBJUGATION. . .emphasizing TRUE ALTRUISM. . .and so on. You can see more at the Anti-Subjugation Blog.

[meanwhile I've been researching the history and philosophy around subjugation of humans. . .there is a lot written around the subject of "Tyranny", which is related, I believe]

It seems Mr. Edwards, of Sydney, Australia is a ve…