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Politics - AGAIN . . .I can't stay silent while thousands of morons rally in Washington

Forbes covers the AP Feed on this. . .and my mind says:

That means that there are more people gathered in D.C. listening to Jane Fonda, and others than the KIA in Iraq in the three years of action there.

We now have slightly more than 3,000 KIA in the Iraq war. During the war in which Jane Fonda committed TREASON, [we lost slightly more than 47,000 KIA in Vietnam] we lost in excess of ten times as many soldiers.

During the very first BATTLE that the US Marines fought in World War I, (in France, part of a combined breakout effort by French, British and US forces). . .the Marines lost roughly 5,000!

YES five thousand souls lost their lives for a single mission. . .they did this in the course of a very few days, and for the goals of ONE BATTLE.

I believe sincerely that Jane Fonda, and all the other anti-war protesters are INSULTING all those who lost their lives for these other wars. Whether WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or other actions which are more …

New Job. . .Accounting. . .Dynamics GP

The title is linked to a page for "Convergence 2007", a Microsoft Dynamics oriented convention scheduled for 2007 in San Diego. On this page, there is a list of blogs having to do with MS Dynamics. So, if you found this blog because of a search on Microsoft Dynamics, feel free to pop over to the list. I think it could be useful. Don't forget to bookmark this blog, especially if you like Jazz music, and/or trombone.

As I thought, Dynamics is having a wonderful run-up with coverage by the user community, hip EDP-oriented , bloggerly folks with much to say about this very powerful financial software. I'm looking forward to learning more about what all those users and developers out there are doing with Dynamics.

Here at Western Studio Service, we plan on implementing MS Dynamics GP starting this coming month (February). This should vastly improve on ledger function and provide a base with which to fully track an…

Rosolino and Technique

I was listening to Frank and his video of him doing Monk's "Well You Needn't" and was astounded as he did the melody over both in the low octave and in the upper octave. You should note that this is a leaping melody which starts on a low C and leaps up a fourth to an F and then does a "bebop" sounds down to F# (with a sort of tritone sound to them). The point is that there are these very high brief upper notes to the "bebops". . .the "tops" of them, so to speak.

The range is very, very high. And Frank sounds like this is simply not very difficult at all. This tune was the last one played on this half hour show. He then immediately launches into the theme music and again plays in tessiatura that is simply not supposed to be on the trombone -- it is more trumpet range, if you look at the orchestration books.

Now Frank played a very small mouthpiece but a medium bore conventional trombone (a Conn 6H. . .a .500 bore medium trombone mode…