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More and more music ... seems to be a whirlwind

I am now taking everything I can in trombone land. I am trying to get the word out that I am the darndest, super-cool, freelancer trombone player you will ever have in your group...(hear that, contractors?). Have extensive experience in Top 40 band/ R&B...Jazz groups large and small....orchestras...chamber music (e.g. brass quintet) church music, theater work onstage and in the pit, and recordings.

I am in the Local 47 directory (will be in 2010 book), and can be reached at

(818) 309-8804 or (818) 763-9397

I come in from the Van Nuys area, so I'm centrally located for most LA based work. I also enjoy doing work with many of my longstanding friends from Orange County. So, I really get around this great big city.

So I am doing quite a lot of playing. Keeping my Union dues up, too!

[above is the racked equipment used in a festival here in town... also, you can see a big band setting up in Simi Valley, and nearby, and the thing we all like--applause...well, an "…