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This is very good news. The many open source items available now provide wonderful, FREE, software sources. I have several of them. . .Open Office (much like MS Office). . .Audacity (Digital Audio Recording) and several others. In fact, free software these days can allow you to do almost anything. . .so always look at the open source before you dive in and BUY.

The Bible is available in really quite a few translations in open source form, with a project called SWORD (probably more like S WORD, as in "Software Word". .more likely knowing Christians, rather than the weapon thingy. .)

For those of us who are interested in studying the bible, as I believe most intelligent folk are. . .this is . . .well. . .a GODSEND. Now you can put this on any computer you have and can be content that you have a legal copy of the word on your computer and can search it and research it at your own pace.

Can you tell I'm happy about this? Of course it is a good idea also to have a hard copy…