Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bach 42B

I'm deciding if I will buy Dick Nash's Bach 42B. Steve Ferguson had it at his store. I took it home to try out. It plays well. From the serial number, it appears to be of 1982 or 83 vintage, so it is actually newer than virtually any of my other horns.

Nonetheless, it is of the older design. The closed, compact valve section. The question I guess is how much better does a symphony tenor with F attachment play if it has the open valve design? Is this really a big deal?

I'm thinking it really may not be a big deal. I played an open version 88H about five months ago, having borrowed it, and it was not that much different.

I'll just have to decide. I could use a large bore with F attach.

Thursday, March 01, 2007 » Lightning Fast Browsing Trick For Internet Explorer And Firefox » » Lightning Fast Browsing Trick For Internet Explorer And Firefox »

This is video describing how to improve speed performance for high bandwidth internet connections. It increases the number of connections allowed to something higher than the defaults. There are two separate instructions - one for Firefox, and another for Internet Explorer.

Hope it works. Hope I have time to try these.


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