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Getting Back to the Blogosphere, the Web

Now seems like the time that I will be blogging more and will be back developing my personal website. I'm moving the project at work into the final stages. This means that we will be doing work with more modern GL tools. This includes the ability to program using Visual Basic and kindred VB (e.g. VBA) to achieve business goals.

Some of those goals will be:

Advanced cash management
Budgeting (a first here)
Accrual Accounting
Management reporting of pricing and economics for storage rentals
Manpower costing and efficiency analysis
Pension accounting and compliance

This list is not necessarily in the order of importance. In fact, this is one of those situations where so many things are highly important that one wants to dive into all of them. We have some advances in each of those areas already, even without proper modern GL tools. And of course, a GL is a GL even if it were done using paper ledgers. The truth is, however, that modern tools allow for much quicker reporting and updatin…