Monday, April 18, 2005

Bob Summers and trumpeter Leon Solario in airport while on Rat Pack tour. Posted by Hello

Bob on our Rat Pack "Tour from Hell" somewhere probably in Chicago or Toronto or who knows? Posted by Hello

Bob putting his sticker on Toronto locker. Posted by Hello

Bob Summers and band wait for bus on tour in Central Canada Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Patrons getting good service at Fullerton's Steamers Cafe. And they get to listen to great jazz, too! Posted by Hello

Gus getting ready for tromboning. . .we've got a good section. . . Posted by Hello

Howard Shinedling and Mark Hix discussing the gig at Steamers in Fullerton. Nice venue. . .we do Big Band Jazz. . . a little crowded on the stand, but what the heck! Posted by Hello

This is Gus doing it with the great jazz improv. . .I'm always stunned at how good this guy is. . . Posted by Hello

Shhhhh! Don't let it be known that this kind of work is fun! Brian Mantz enjoying the gig. Posted by Hello

Jennings doing what he does so well.  Posted by Hello

The guys in WWII were smaller in frame. . .this has got to be a size 36 jacket. . .the leather hasn't held up that good, so I'm thinking horsehide. . .Still, if you looked this good after 70 years had gone by. . . Posted by Hello

I miss this guy! This is Lonnie Parlour getting into the Sammy groove at Burbank Starlight Bowl.  Posted by Hello

The King of the Skys: P51D. Nuff said!! Posted by Hello

The powerplant of the massive Republic P47. This is an awesome plane. . .it was like that for the Nazis too! Posted by Hello

I was in heaven at this gig. This is a Mark XV Spitfire, a late model of this super-famous British fighter plane. Posted by Hello

More photos of music buddies--this is Ken Jennings. He's a cool guy and a great drummer! Posted by Hello

Here's some more photos of gigs--This is my good friend Don Gustafson. . .I hope to one day be able to play jazz standards like this guy. . .he's the next best thing to sitting in with Urbie Green. Anyway, he's also a really sweet guy. . .none nicer. Posted by Hello

Here is the view across from us on the left. This really is a clever area to set up for a "corporate" or charitable event. The ambiance is great and yet, you are in close quarters so people are somewhat protected from the elements (it was a little cold. . . Monty Hall had on a shawl to help with the nip in the air. . .he did a great job auctioning). This store had some clever costuming of warriors on display Posted by Hello

The band set up again. . .we were right in front of the phony "Capra Bank". . .well, who knows maybe Frank Capra made enough money in pictures to have opened a small bank? Posted by Hello

Here's Danny conferring with David Gregg, our wonderful lead alto guy. . . .David and I are beginning to be the best of buddies. . .even though he and I don't always see eye-to-eye on politics. . .awe! Who cares? Being a good guy and a great musician is not a political matter at all! Posted by Hello

Nice tables, no? Well Monty Hall was there and we also heard wonderful singing from Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Rooney. . . Let's just say, that they kicked A** all the way through their short set. . .I'm just in awe of the energy and good taste of these two. Mrs. Rooney was particularly handy at belting out a real soulful song. Posted by Hello

A look down the back lot "street" into the real studio with it's enormous sound stages. I really had about a two mile walk back and forth from one side of the lot to the other. . .of course THAT was because I forgot my trombone stand in my car! :-( Posted by Hello

Looking out over Roger's drums. We were pleased to have dinner served and to do this Swing Gig for an appreciative crowd. At this point they are elsewhere. . .presumably during "cocktail" hour. . Posted by Hello

This is the setup for our gig at the old MGM Studios (now Sony Pictures) lot.  Posted by Hello

Down deep in Texas: The View from Waco

See this really smart guy in Texas--I also just posted a comment--he's right about Lyndon Johnson AND about FDR. . . Nobody would really like it if the truth about FDR and Truman, etc. was really played out fully.

Here is the text of my comment, for convenience:

Very well done, indeed. I'm wondering how well they are going to document Organized Crime assistance in electing FDR--yes! He may very well have been the first in a string of Dem politicos to have been "mobbed" into power. . .or at least given that extra. . ."push over the edge".

The mob became "educated" in their power in Presidential races when the Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago during 1932. The mob ultimately was courted (Frank Costello from NYC was sort of the messenger for this) by both Al Smith and Franklin Roosevelt. . .the killers ultimately swung in with FDR after the politician swore he would taper off a serious mob investigation under way in New York State.

Ultimately, the mob was double-crossed by FDR. And they figured a way out to make the point to Roosevelt, without actually assasinating him. . . .they killed the mayor of Chicago while FDR was within sight of him.

FDR was about a hundred yards or so away from mayor Anton Chermak when Giuseepe Zangara (a presumed mafia hit-man having come from Sicily, become a bootlegger and then heavily in debt due to gambling. . .) shot Cermak while he and FDR were on a political tour of the South.

I personally think, although even Gus Russo in his astounding history of Chicago O.C., "The Outfit--The Role of Chicago's Underworld in the Shaping of Modern America",doesn't state that this was a plan to teach FDR anything. . .It almost seems too convenient: Here are the two people that the mob feels have really betrayed them. . .backstage at an event. . .and ONE of them is killed.

Anyway, nice website. I hope you will visit mine. Unfortunately, I don't really have a single, solid posting philosophy. Some posts are about my fun musical endeavors, or about my work with the Calif. Academic Decathlon, or about political doings and my thoughts. . .it's a little mutlifarious, I guess.

But then, I don't post enough to actually run three weblogs. . .

Oh well, very good stuff on yours. . .I'll most likely bookmark.


El Camino Real High School won the USAD (US Academic Decathlon , the national version of this competition for all the United States). They scored very closely to their ending score in the CA state version (49,XXX in both. . .very close!).

Marvin will most likely be back Monday and I'll finish up my last week of work over at this, the best job I've had in years and years.


I played a great gig on Saturday. My next post will be photos of the set up at former MGM studios (now called Sony Pictures studio. . .yeesh!). This was an LA Philharmonic fundraiser on the lot with Monty Hall conducting the all-important auction. . .AND Mickey Rooney and his wife singing in front of our Band! This was a real hoot. Rooney feels about the same way as I do about the state of modern musical composition. It sucks so bad it's not funny. . .

His wife kicks it with her singing. She's great. . .Rooney wasn't bad at all. He seems to never get much older. . .he's incredible and naturally compelling to look at and listen to. Bless him and her, they are great.

Danny DeLurgio did a great job putting this thing together. I hope to do many more gigs with Danny. He deserves to do well with his singing. He's got taste and he has style, etc.

We'll see. I'll try and help when and where I can.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tim Blair--Points to Rupert Murdoch on Blogging

Tim Blair Rupert Murdoch understands and is planning to interface with the Blogosphere.

This is pretty deep! This means that ONE (yup. .only ONE) leading MSM executive "gets it". Of course one thing Murdoch COULD do right away is to begin a personal blog. That is the best way to get your feet wet. . .

In other news:
Conservatives in Canada
are beginning to raise their level of social recognition: Since we now know that Canada is ready for change. . .and that change will neccessarily be in the "right" direction (heh!), then more Canuck Blogs are getting linked.

This blogging is GREAT FUN.

Now, if I can figure out how to get my Terayon TJ715 Cable Modem to stop blinking its data light ALL THE TIME. . .well it's really the new NETGEAR router/WiFi device. The WGT624 has overheating problems, for one thing. . .It seems like the modem and router are in a "loop" of constant chatter.

Maybe I can deactivate some aspect of the router that would clear this up.

Oh well.

Tonight Bob Couto. I'll have to make a bunch of copies of the CD I recorded last week (live about six tunes of the rehearsal).


Friday, April 08, 2005

Aren't TROLLS Funny?

We've been having an amusing time lately on the Trombone List (a listserver email list specializing in all things to do with trombone). Well, not really. There is this guy who does what is called "LIST TROLL" stuff. Basically, this is Social Engineering, where the Troll sends falsified email identities' mail messages to the list and attacks other list members. The Troll will generally try and find persons who are either particularly sensitive, or cannot help but reply and reply and reply.

In the case of our list troll he presently has taken on TWO different identities and is actually creating separate streams of thought for one guy (he seems to be implying that this person is in Texas) and another, separate stream of thought for the other guy. Here is some of the text of these messages and you can see how the "baiting" is done, and some of the responses:

[the troll is coming in as "Gussieboy" and "Ed Neely" Paul Kemp is experiencing the typical sadness that comes from having a nice discussion list ruined by one of these odd balls!] wrote:

>You know, Ed's last post finally got to me...
>Someone (Sam) comes out to defend his/her right (and/or wussieboy's) to participate on the list, in spite of their rude tone. And he was right that they sparked debate and communication.
>But now Mr./Ms. Needy has clearly defined his/herself as a troll but attacking the person, not the content, and with the cowardly veil of anonymity. Time to set his stuff to the spam folder. Spam's better company than these deserve....
>Mr. Danner, are you monitoring?
>---- Adrian Drover <> wrote:
>>From: "sabutin" <>
>>>ed said:
>>>>Well pal, Come on down!
>>>>Don't be concerned about any "thought holes". That is the last place my
>>>>foot will go. It's the Texan way!
>>>Glad to. What's your address again? (Mine's easy to find.) Tell me where
>>>you are and WHO you really are and we'll have a little tete a tete.
>>Come on Sam, it's Ed Neely from Texas. He's easy to spot. He'll be wearing
>>a big hat and cowboy boots, buffalo horns on the hood of his Cadillac
>>Adrian Drover
>>ADIOS, Scotland
>>Personal email:
>>Trombone-l mailing list
>Trombone-l mailing list
OK. I'll raise my head out of the sand just a little bit.

I've been a member of this list for about 10 years now. When it was on
the previous server, at the very beginning, I said something that was
perceived to be unkind about someone. I was promptly chastised for that,
and from that time on, I have tried very hard to do several things:

1) Delete the things posted on the list that were silly and frivilous
(in my opinion, much of what is said on this list is, and I'm sure I've
worn out at least 1 delete key).
2) When something really is worth talking about, I'll join in.
3) If I can't be kind and if I can't be honest, I won't say anything.

Got to go,

Paul Kemp

Trombone-l mailing list


And so the list administrator has also, reminded us that the computer is located at a religious school and will likely be taken down if there are complaints sent to the university. That would be unfortunate, because the list, by and large, has really been quite innocuous and sometimes pretty informative about trombone stuff. Also, there are many people who "lurk" and don't message in or out at all.

Anyway, I'll be going to CSU Fullerton for "Trombone Day" tommorrow. Maybe I'll be able to get some recording done. Who knows?


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