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Roger Armstrong and ADP and oh boy what a day

I’m just about to fold up and get ready to go to the Simi Valley “TowneCenter” and do a gig with Bob Couto and his Big Band.  I had an “interesting” day.  That is in the sense, that the Chinese curse “may you live in ‘interesting’ times” means.  We heard from ADP saying that our regular Union payroll would not occur unless we wired money to them.  Well, that was because they did not release the payroll when asked to by our Payroll person.  It came down to a “he said/she said” sort of thing and ADP did do the good thing of fighting to get the PR out.  So it is only ½ demerit when taken in entirety.  I’m really not that hot to judge them hard.  I feel they are strong in the area of attention to changes in regulations. They are also dragging their big, bureaucratic organization forward, which, in itself, is quite an accomplishment. Anyway we got an agreement to do the thing, including banking the way it should be. [I’m still holding my breath . . .]  I will make the transfer I calculated…