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More Web

Now we have set up with Fluidhosting. The URL of does not have its "A" record set over to the new octet of the website hosting company. I will switch that on Network Solutions.

The way the records for DNS work on INTERNIC and Network Solutions is pretty interesting. Once you log into the editing tool on Network Solutions and you look at the mappings, you can see how your email and remote login could be done to your MS Exchange and SBS server WAN interface, while your website with the same ending of the Domain name ( could very well point elsewhere.

That is what we are going to do. I appear to have to edit the "A" record and change the OCTET that shows in only one area of the record. Then, the domain name lookups and propagation of the tables will occur allowing users of web browsers to hit and go to our new website.

Fascinating, really. . .

I've now got the pages set up for the …

Stay Tuned for Web Dev Stuff

I'm doing the build of into a "customer oriented" web site. That means I'm taking the same marketing oriented basic website and changing it into a modern CSS based site with a logon for designated customers (several at first. . .possibly more later) who will be able to access a secure area to see PDF versions of their current inventory as printed by Michael Brittain.

Michael's database is based upon Filemaker, which is currently at version 9. I can see there is a web section to the filemaker product. It is possible I will ultimately have to either migrate the database to a SQL type engine like SQL Server or MySQL and have Michael's database talk to that, or to have the Filemaker work through the net with remote logons managed through the website.

For a first run, I'm interested in getting Filemaker reports available on a logged on basis, then I'll attack the redesign necessary to allow for up-to-the-minute access of a database…

Tough to LOOK AT. . .We Need to Remind Ourselves.

This video is very hard to look at. But we NEED to remind ourselves, not just of the events of 9-11, but of the nature of the enemy. We are at war, but so many of our populace simply ignore the fact.

This war is unlike any other in that it is fundamentally based not upon pure political matters like the two world wars, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam, but instead is based upon a distorted version of religious fervor.

One thing that libs do have right is their fear that religion can result in great, unrelenting, irrational violence. The Fascists, socialists and communists knew that too, and therefore they sought to create a religion of the state. The state takes the place of family and God.

Fast forward to today's middle east and outward to the festering pockets of militant extremist Islam, and you have the same thing, without a very clear political goal. The very fact that these people do not even have a clear idea what they would do, in detail, if they were to achieve their goals,…