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Good thing mail works - Almost the only way to POST

I almost think that there are not enough hours in the 24 hour day.  I’m constantly moving from work to home to work to home, with an occasional stop off at church.  Tonight, maybe I can stop at church.  Maybe. I’m also helping a person with trombone playing, so I may be late. I’m up to my A** in Alligators to quote my predecessor here.  The image does conjure up a dangerously busy person.  I’m managing to keep the plates spinning.  [I prefer that old image of the guy who went out on the Ed Sullivan Show and started plates spinning on top of those long rods. . .]At least now, I’ve got the email set up so that I’m   That is as it should be. The financial conversion is still moving along, even if it is a bit sluggish.  I’m getting through this month’s close, with help from all those good workers we have.  So, with that and some prayer, we’ll most likely be OK. Chris

Mailing it in

I’m testing this facility to allow me to post blog entries via email. This should allow for an easier way to put up entries.Today is my birthday. I’m old. Well . . . maybe not that old. Gina gave me a nice plant for the office and I got lots of cards and stuff. They had sundae icecream at lunch. Overall this was not bad.

Bach 42B is great. . .and IE speedup works

I'm pretty certain I'll buy the horn. The closed wrap model is probably a good thing, since I'm sorta clumsy and would likely bend up an open-wrap horn. So, together with a reasonable price, that makes the decision to buy pretty easy.

The hack increasing the number of simultaneous connections to IE (I'm using ver 7) seems to work well. The same site also had a way of increasing speed with Firefox. I use both browsers now, quite often. IE gets used particularly when an ASP.NET type page seems not to work right with Firefox.

I am a bachelor now for a week. Michele and Adam went to a Mexico mission trip where lots of Christians from all over North America go down and help churches in Mexico. They should be back in a week. I may see if there was any blogging or pictures available of previous trips.

Michele is warning me that the house better be neat when she returns. Maybe this is an opportunity to just focus on cleaning and organizing. I'm playing music on East…