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NUGE is getting nudged to hurt Zumbo. . .Libs rejoice!

Now we are chewing our own legs off, or so it appears when looking at the 2nd amendment community.

Veteran writer Jim Zumbo commented that he thought it was stupid to use an "assault rifle" (sometimes also called "black rifle", since the AR-15, for example is black plastic in many areas). Now, he has lost most of his gigs with magazines and the NRA, and many of the gun enthusiasts are just fine with that. Also, I note that some are now trying to tell Ted Nugent what to do. . . .(not a good idea, mind you!). He has posted apologies and restatements of position from the 67 year old gun writer. . .apparently, Zumbo made his dumbo comments about "terrorist" rifles and now lots of folk think this is "ammunition" for more efforts to abolish certain types of rifles, and pistols.

I think this is "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". We don't need to chew up veteran, 40 year NRA member authors regardless of WHATEVER they may say, an…