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Touring Western Studio Service

Here is my recent tour of the Main Location in Burbank:
The first image is the main alley in our Burbank 805 S. San Fernando, "main" location. Several of these buildings are either housing sets, lock up storage, or are devoted to individual "mills" (e.g. a set maker's shop).

Right now WSS has roughly 1.8 million square feet of storage in seven locations around the San Fernando Valley and Saugus.

The next image is an office / mill space. Once a manufacturing office or dispatch space, this is now a great area to be used for a production office space. Western generally offers superior rates for your production office needs. Also, Western has nearby storage for your sets, and can sometimes provide locations when industrial sites are the thing you need to do a shoot.

The third image is the doorway and front of a large warehouse building. This is our core business and we have dedicated warehousemen and truck drivers to make your storage of media-related materials a p…

Living in Hollywood

It is sometimes remarkeable how we live here in the media capital of the world. As an example I've loaded a picture of Adam waiting in line right in front of Disney Studio's office complex with the identifying Seven Dwarves columns. Adam and I were over at Toontown Online's live meet "Toonfest". So we had fun and we only had to drive five or six miles over to Burbank to join in with the fun.

We saw some new features and Adam got to play for quite a while on some high end workstations set up for the Toonfest visitors.
Adam and his friend Philip also got to go onstage to participate in a Toontown Online trivia contest. They didn't ace the quiz but they got most right and had some real fun all day long.

Meanwhile, I continue to be very lucky and blessed in terms of getting to perform on trombone and in terms of generally having good productive work to do.

Hopefully, I can also contribute at work in terms of developing their web site. Now people often expect serv…