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Changing and changing times....I've MOVED!

Well, the more things change, well...the more they change!

I no longer work as controller for Western Studio Services...there is probably not a lot to be gained by going over was a very, very stressful job, so things are better that way, for sure.

That situation forced a coming to grips with the mortgage loan. That means selling Alcove Ave and taking the remaining equity out, waiting until the FICO improves and then re-entering the San Fernando Valley real estate market...

So now (as of mid 2009) the Tunes have moved to Van Nuys, into a smaller (1230 sq ft as opposed to 1640 sq ft) 3 bd home. This one has a pool, which is unusual for us Tunes. Nice garage...have to set up the packed stuff better to allow for a shop and so forth.

So in 2011 will be looking for a home in the valley. I'm thinking of going for land, and building to suit added size and rooms onto an existing structure. I find I really like carpentry, masonry, electrical, all that stuff. Thing to do, though …