Thursday, July 09, 2009

Changing and changing times....I've MOVED!

Well, the more things change, well...the more they change!

I no longer work as controller for Western Studio Services...there is probably not a lot to be gained by going over was a very, very stressful job, so things are better that way, for sure.

That situation forced a coming to grips with the mortgage loan. That means selling Alcove Ave and taking the remaining equity out, waiting until the FICO improves and then re-entering the San Fernando Valley real estate market...

So now (as of mid 2009) the Tunes have moved to Van Nuys, into a smaller (1230 sq ft as opposed to 1640 sq ft) 3 bd home. This one has a pool, which is unusual for us Tunes. Nice garage...have to set up the packed stuff better to allow for a shop and so forth.

So in 2011 will be looking for a home in the valley. I'm thinking of going for land, and building to suit added size and rooms onto an existing structure. I find I really like carpentry, masonry, electrical, all that stuff. Thing to do, though is to find a way to make enough money to do all this building onto the home. All, while allowing for my personality and my music, and so forth...

Will be interesting times...what with the poor economy and with my highly varied interests and abilities.

I'm praying...I know G_d helps those who get up and move their derrieres. So off I go to do more work...


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