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Scott Leonard 50th B-Day!

Another wild time we had recently was the very fun 50th birthday celebration for my boss, Scott Leonard (Scott, his brother Mark and Mark Simon are the owners of Western Studio Service).

Although Scott doesn't look a day over thirty, he was, in fact celebrating the great half-century mark, and so we used the "party room" at the Colorado facility. After major set dressing by Carrie Randazzo, and some real cool help from Don Reinhardt and Anders (last name?) from Village Christian School who set up some cool lighting and ran the slide show.

We had a band coming from our Sunday school group, which rocked us with oldies. We also had a very nice bit of fronting the band by Kelly Leonard who did a few tunes, and especially memorable to me, a kickin' "Sweet Home Alabama".

Here are some shots (note the genuine surprise on Scott's face - he thought there was a massive water leak going on upstairs at this building - well that was just the "pretext"):

Catch Up - Interesting Things in the Last Few Months

I've had some very interesting things going on in the last few months. Of course this gave me very little time to post blog entries on the events. The first that comes to mind is the very last gig that I, or anyone else, will do at the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Nick De Gidido has basically always stayed at the Frontier and has put up his band members there. The Frontier was a great deal and it represents old Las Vegas, so we old fashioned entertainer types love it.

Here are the pics:

So you can tell that this was kinda wild. We had four horns, and guest bass player Gio Valle. We also had a sit in by my trombone teacher's son. Any of you who read all my stuff will know I was taught trombone by studio player (1947 to 1960 or so Paramount Studio Orch) Harold Diner. His son is a great, great drummer - Evan Diner. Evan has played with major persons including Nelson Riddle. So he fit in like perfection. Evan played a "head" with us, and then read a …