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I had quite a commute home last nite. .the fires in Chatsworth and Simi Valley made sure I, and many tens of thousands of other motorists had this great "exodus" of a commute.

I had to take the 23 fwy south to the 101 fwy. . .but, like so many others, I decided to get off right before the junction of those two freeways and go via surface streets through Thousand Oaks and Westlake.

By the time I got near the east side of Westlake (right before Agoura) I'd had enough! I jumped back on the 101 and took what came to me. . .it wasn't as horrible as I had imagined. . .or as it was on the 23.

The 118, Ronald Reagan fwy is open again and is much less crowded today. The landscape on the side of the freeway is like something from Hell. . .all the brush and shrubs are blackened. The homes on the hills, all seem to have been spared, though.

Tonight should be interesting. . .I've got an eight o'clock rehearsal. Yeesh!

Lots Going On

I'm just barely managing to find to time to update. . . I've had a busy few days. I had to deal with rain-related problems yesterday and over the weekend, I had a couple of interesting things going on. . .

Sunday, Dick Nash hosted the annual jam session for Jeannie Moody. This has been going on for roughly thirty years. The jam is at Ms. Moody's house right on the beach at Playa Del Rey. . on her back porch facing the water. Dick sets up PA equipment and plays his always delightful jazz trombone.

This year, I thought I had a gig Sunday night and could not spend very much, if any time, at the Moody jam. I was wrong. The gig was on Saturday. I got a call at 6pm on Saturday, from Susan Kay Wyatt, singer with the Jack Lantz band. Turns out the date had been mistated earlier in emails and I had not picked up the change to Saturday from the discussion in emails. Oddly, myself and one other player in the band had been discussing a supposed conflict with a, now-cancelled g…

Update after Nice Weekend

I thank you for your comment, Meg. I'm glad you are interested and I'll be glad to help out with your blogging if you need any. It's actually not too hard once you get into it.

I had a remarkable weekend, myself. I had listed in my calendar, a bunch of things to do on Sunday. I had my regular duty as "sound man" at church at the 9:30am service. This service turned out to be a very interesting one, since we had a guest deliver the sermon. This was the President of the University of Claremont Theology Seminary (I'm not sure of the name, but the speaker was quite eloquent and very human, yet erudite).

Then, I had scheduled a possible "jam session" at 2pm in Playa Del Rey. This is run by ace trombonist Dick Nash. Dick was head honcho here in town all through the sixties and more. Now Dick is more retired from the day to day studio biz, but he is active in concerts and is frequently recognized as the legend he is. He's also really a profound…

BLOG! Welcome to those new to Blogging

Welcome to Meg Stansberry and Agi Salgo. I've posted this just after we spoke about Blogging. As you can see, this is a perfect medium for immediate documentation of important stuff AS IT HAPPENS.

You can look down in April and May archives at the lower right of the blog and see some interesting stuff that has happened, my weblog entries about them, and some things in the Blogosphere that piqued my interest. Be sure to click on some of the links, you will be sent to other blogs. Just hit "BACK" and you will be back here. . .where you are highly APPRECIATED.

COMMENTS are totally welcome. If you think I can improve anything, or my ideas are goofy. . .THAT IS GREAT! I want to know. . .

Welcome to the blogosphere. It can be very informative, odd. . .and funny and everything that people are. . .

See you.