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Sore Throat Was Only Way to Get Time

Seems I'm so busy lately between accounting work by day and musical rehearsing and gigging by night and weekend, that I'm not able to post here as often as I'd like. Now, I've gotten a pretty sore throat from the thing going around at work, and I'm having to set up a doctor visit today. This finally gave me a little time to post here.

The blogging has resulted in a very nice coincidence-a la "":

One of my acquaintances from high school at U.S. Grant High in Van Nuys, CA contacted me and we were able to update each other somewhat. Here is the text of most of Sean's message here:

>Chris - how delightful to happen upon your site. Mazel tov on your various doings. I was Perchik in Fiddler at Grant in '76, when Mr. Neill was stage crew as well as orchestra leader. I now live near Cleveland, Ohio, and direct internal communications for Goodyear.
[end quote]

I've omitted Sean's email address so he doesn't have too much responsiv…