Friday, February 25, 2005

Ann Coulter -- Republicans, Bloggers and Gays, Oh My!

Welcome to uExpress featuring Ann Coulter -- The Best Advice and Opinions The Universe!
This only shows the complete and UTTER HYPOCRISY of those involved in fomenting this "scandal".

Of course the very basis of the scandal is without merit. The pass is a "day pass", which is relatively easy to get. I'm sure that any one of several blogs could easily get these. The offense? Going easy on the POTUS. . . what? Like there are no liberal commentators to go "hard" on the guy?

Or maybe there is no one in the liberal hard-ball press corps with a three digit IQ?

[more likely]

So this guy ran a male escort service years ago. . .

We Republicans and Christians are so OVERFORGIVING. This is because we are the party of compassion.

I forgot! That's SUPPOSED TO BE the Dems area of expertise.

Well, right now they are excoriating an innocent man, because he was representing a conservative position, as a reporter at the White House and is, or was gay.

Read Ann's piece. . .it's even richer than you can imagine.

Chris Tune
Valley Village, CA


I'M MOVING TO BLOGGER full time. . . .

This is the best way to do blogging for me right now. So, I'm going to cease updating the music-only blog that comes with my website. From now on I'll use the easier and more powerful facilities of Google's Blogspot and the Blogger tool.

Mainly I think the fact that Picasa and Hello make it easy to upload images is the really cool thing that made me decide this.

I have many photos I'd like my musical buddies to see. I usually take pictures of the PEOPLE and not just scenery, so I think I can get decent photos of many, many of my friends up here.

STAY TUNED (no pun!) I'll be posting as fast as I can get time.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

"Iraquis are Grateful!" Of course! Bush assumed that Iraquis are just like anyone else. . .they enjoy freedom! Freedom allows people to speak their own mind! This is an EXAMPLE. Posted by Hello

Iraquis in Belgium

Here in we have coverage of a PRO - BUSH and PRO - AMERICAN demonstration in normally leftist and Euro-socialist Belgium. Perhaps to be fair we should note that Belgium is obviously a primaily free society and therefore has a variety of persons with a variety of views.

We usually hear of Belgium in the context of NATO. Since the Begians speak a variety of French-derived language, we often assume that they are as avid anti-American as the French. Nothing is quite so simple.

Despite the complexity of European and American politics, it is truly enheartening to see these photos from today's Belgium.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Matthew Yglesias: Beyond Carter

Matthew Yglesias: Beyond Carter
GULAG? . . . I thought that referred to a COMMUNIST institution!

So now we conservatives are planning to lock up anybody who professes to be liberal.
Maybe we'll even lock up Dennis Prager. . .after all he calls himself an old-school liberal or something similar. He posits that the liberal of the 1940's who would have voted for Roosevelt, now is a member of the Republican party and likely voted for BOTH BUSHES.

Look at this lefty blogger and you can feel the panic. . .it's no fun when you have no cogent, comprehensive political philosophy.

Yes, it's no fun being a Dem: All you really know is these idiot neo-cons are going to take away a woman's right to kill her unborn fetus.

Chris Tune
Valley Village, CA

Monday, February 21, 2005

Power Line: February 2005 Archives

Power Line: February 2005 Archives

This is amazing: A Congressman actually believes that Karl Rove "planted" the faked documents used by Dan Rather!

The hilarity of this is so extreme, it is hard to believe. But we must believe it. . .after all, the major media has picked this up!
Oh! That's right. The major media is no more trustworthy than any other source. . . .including the better blogs.

Funny that the media are discussing the "legitimacy" of blogging.

They should be discussing the legitimacy of the major media.

Chris Tune
Valley Village, CA

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Adam had a project for school: Make a replica of the Santa Cruz mission. He brought his completed project home after he got his grade, and he adapted the mission so that it had a bit more protection against owls. It's well know that owls can simply RUIN the roof of a mission. Even Father Serra wanted a solution to the problem of owl defecation. . .Adam seems to have come up with an effective solution. Posted by Hello

Upload of images from a year ago in Capitol Records

These are photos taken at Nick De Gidio's recording session at Capitol Records. We used the fine "Studio A" known for Sinatra, Dean Martin and Stan Kenton recordings in the 1950's. This room has been thoroughly updated and now is using "Pro Tools" for the Digital Audio Workstation. The room has changed quite a bit from the way I remember it in the mid 1970's, but it still "sounds" quite good. This is doubtlessly because of the intense design effort undertaken by my former neighbor (he passed away several years ago) John Kraus.

Our fearless leader for the day Posted by Hello

They practice keeping their bells level with each other. This doesn't come easily, you know! We were particularly lucky to have this fine of a trumpet section on this album. Seems like Scott missed this. Posted by Hello

Ah! The robust sound of trumpets warming up! Keeps you ON YOUR TOES. Notice that there are many glass and wood dividers set up to "isolate" the sound of certain instruments. The guitar, Piano, Drums and latin percussion were all isolated so that there would be no "bleed" of sound into the horn mics. The horns were spread out throughout the room, with the leader looking at both the saxes and brass across a significant distance. Posted by Hello

This is Bob Galleotti. He actually knows how to play sitting up straight. Believe me! He's really great. . . Posted by Hello

Saxes were set up on the other side of the room. . .that way we brass players cannot adversely influence them. . .or vice-versa. Posted by Hello

Mr. Barrows is apparently trying to communicate something to me. . .what can it be?  Posted by Hello

You have to concentrate to do this stuff! Posted by Hello

Here I am thrilled to be playing bone in front of legendary microphone - the RCA ribbon mic and doing so in legendary Captiol Studio A. . .just awe inspiring. . .really! Posted by Hello

Here we have trumpets Scott Strecker and Ron Barrows biding time awaiting our next big band tune. Posted by Hello

Here is an overall view of the trumpet and trombone set up. . .where are the bones? We are off during our break taking care of various bone-like needs. . .well. Mostly we're getting food, going to the men's room or taking candid photos. .  Posted by Hello

Here are Paul Navidad (in white at rear), sax, and our trumpet section (minus one). It was great hearing these guys trumpet right behind me.  Posted by Hello

This is Chris Creswell. . .Bass bonist on our Nick De Gidio Capitol session. Chris is highly adept with the "low blow" required for great bass bone work. Posted by Hello

This is Larry Dougherty. . looking a little fuzzy as he singles me out for humorous interplay. . .Larry and company provided wonderful saxophone sounds for our session at Capitol Posted by Hello

Friday, February 11, 2005

Northern Alliance Radio Network

Northern Alliance Radio Network


Yes, in Minnesota, Democrats can debate whether Ronald Reagan should be honored. . . .YES! Democratic politics has come to this. . .several of the MN Dems said stubbornly that they were unhappy or distressed at the "ideology" that seems to have been part of a resolution honoring Reagan's birthday.

Perhaps they are distressed that many citizens in Minnesota are beginning to realize that the Democratic party no longer represents any of their most important beliefs. Perhaps the typical citizen of Minnesota feels that there are things more important than allowing every woman to be able to have an abortion any time she wants it. Or perhaps they see grander issues than supporting the right of college professors to preach "hate" about the history of the United States (i.e. Ward Churchill).

Just maybe. . .

Incidentally, I can't help but like these guys up in frosty Twin Cities. Loved walking for miles and miles on your city's elevated second-story walkway (most of the city of Minneapolis has this cool enclosed walkway at the second story level. . .it allows you to walk indoors around most of the city.

Way cool! . . .er WARM!

Chris Tune
here in reasonably warm, but rainy

Los Angeles, CA

::: Roger Bobo Curiosity :::

::: Roger Bobo Curiosity :::
Here is former Los Angeles Philharmonic, tubist Roger Bobo (this is one of the finest musicians in the world!) writing about his experience playing Ravel's Bolero in a community orchestra.

It turns out that the trombonist playing the famous Bolero solo in that orchestra was my favorite inspiration, Dick Nash (responsible for all the jazz soloing with Henry Mancini). Not only that, but the conductor of this community orchestra in Eagle Rock, near L.A., was none other than Leo Arnoud. Mr. Arnoud was the trombonist to perform the treacherous Bolero solo at the debut of the work in Paris, in 1928. At the debut, Maurice Ravel, himself was conducting. . .

In music, things like this happen all the time. It shows us how the world can become small and direct communication can occur from very far away and very long ago. Next time I see Dick Nash I will bring this up to him.

Mr. Arnoud makes some very interesting points about what Mr. Ravel was thinking when he orchestrated a trombone solo at this point in the music. From Roger Bobo's very clear comments, it seems that the sound desired for the trombone would be much brighter and edgier than performers now conceive it.

Anyway, it's raining today and my boss thinks we may not go out computer shopping. Somehow that's not too bad with me. . . .

Stay tuned, I may post more and more today

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Daily Kos

Daily Kos
Kos is Clinically Depressed and todays drivel about GOTV.

Apparently no good deed may go unpunished in the bleak, foul world of the Daily Kos. . .while admitting that voting may somehow be positive ["Anytime a people get to vote, it's a good thing."] which appears to be the ONLY POSITIVE STATEMENT in the entire post, KOS goes on to prattle endlessly about every manner of imperfection in our vast globe. This is a common malady of the clinically depressed. Events that cause celebration for the mentally healthy only cause renewed dread in the depressed mind.

Let me straigten this out:

Conservatives ARE AWARE that the situation is not perfect. That is PRECISELY why we should use techniques that WORK!

Shall we listen to the all-knowing KOS and gradually move toward a Marxist, totalitarian regime, simply because we are negative, focus solely on what is wrong and therefore wish for Government (Big, Big, Big Government) to fix it?


KOS complains that the Shiites will dominate over the Sunnis. That uses a very simplistic view of domination. In a pluralistic, DIVERSE socitety it is actually very difficult for any one group to DOMINATE another totally, and it would especially be so when the main differences in culture are religious.

Assuming religious tolerance.

Now that there is a possibility. . .even a liklihood that there may be a decent democracy in the middle east, we may be moving toward tolerance, at least in the Middle East.

We are undoubtedly not going to move in the direction of tolerance in KOS's house!

Chris Tune

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