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Microtrak is GOOD

I'd have to say that I'm happy with the M-Audio Microtrack. While the first version of the operating software (updateable into flash EPROM) had bugs, the new version mostly corrects these goofs:

Now no "bump" sound in the phones when booting up
Switches the H and L selections on the level button (these had been reversed)
Shows a VU meter while playing back
Now shows a VU meter with a peak hold function while readying for recording (in pause)
The signal is audible in phones while in REC + PAUSE
Smoother metering and resolves some inaccuracies in graphic items on screen

[still has only 30v output for the mic phantom power. . .some mics won't work this low]

The whole concept of these new CF (Compact Flash) recorders is that they are quiet, having no moving parts, and are small, with high quality audio specs.

My goal is to capture "scratch audio" of the various groups I play trombone with. I had been lugging a laptop along with me, which provides lots of options f…

M-Audio MicroTrack

I picked up the M-Audio Compact Flash recorder this week and I tried a scratch recording of a rehearsal last night. This was late, after the horns left, so all I was getting was an electric guitar player going over tunes with another musician. The sound seemed pretty good. I could detect my gum chewing sound and the interface was pretty obvious. I have looked for reviews on a Google of the device and have found some people are unhappy. Looks like those folks are expecting too much, however. There is a concern about the ability of the thing to put out ONLY 30 volts for phantom power. I was wondering about that, since it seemed that the phantom powering would detract from the battery time, anyway. My Rode stereo mic allows for a nine volt battery to be popped into the body, and that will be the way I will go when using the Rode.

I'm looking forward to getting some music recorded this week, and I'll come back and discuss the results once I've recorded.


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