Sunday, December 11, 2005

NYT Comes up with a MAJOR find! Egad! News is skewed by PSY-OPS

I had to laugh having consistently read the New York Times, at the TONE of concern in this article about psychological operations in the war on terror.

The NYT is simply the perfect place to go to study Psy-Ops. It engages in an advanced course of these operations every day and in every way. They have even created a television station to disseminate their unique view of the world. Together with CNN and the other Main Stream Media (MSM) the liberal intelligentsia has conducted a MIND-BENDING effort to change the world. . . .to MOLD the world into their political viewpoint.

The Times is particularly good at this type of operation. I've consistently noted various tricks used by the Times to bend reality to their viewpoint.

I'd love to see an article discussing every detail of how all the vast machinery of the Times operates. I'd particularly love to see transcripts of every word uttered in editorial review of articles as they make their way to print. After all, even the BEST journalists sometimes let something CONSERVATIVE actually slip into their writing. . .that is when the EDITOR steps in. . .and makes sure that the ultimate trend. . .the ultimate mind warp is LIBERAL!!!

I've been concerned about Psy-Ops for years. . .as I read it in the pages of the New York Times.

Chris Tune

What a BUSY time!

I've been busy. . .and maybe being sick with a cold helped make it seem even MORE busy. Lets see: two gigs, scouting, Adam's concert. . sick with cold. . new, formidable accounting work.

Anyway, this last week included work with a new client through Accountemps. This is a profound amount of reconciling and managing the reconciliations of others. Quite a big task. . .then. . .naturally. . . .I get a cold. . .

Anyway, I could not get it together to obtain a substitute for the regular Jack Lantz "gig" at Frank and Dean's. Soooo!! I just got a babysitter for Adam and off I go. . .reeling from the cold and did the gig. It wound up being quite fun. I was the only regular to make the bone section. We had Vick Steelhammer on Bass bone, Bryant Byers on lead, myself and another on 2nd, whom I forget now. . .sent by Paul Young. I should say another quite GOOD player.

Brenda Goforth was out in the audience. Then she was up on the bandstand with horn in hand. She spelled a couple of the trumpeters. That was a good thing. Gave the guys a chance to have a relaxing drink and a listen to the band. And gave us a chance to hear Bren play.

The gig went well. . .turned out it was Frank's birthday! He sang a couple of tunes with us. Went quite well! I've heard professional singers do worse! Naturally, Frank KNOWS the Frank Sinatra tunes!

I didn't record this one. Probably should have. I was really pretty sick.

Then I do the Thurs nite Coudo band rehearsal. This right after my son, Adam has his first concert on clarinet. Naturally he did great! I think he really likes this stuff. We'll see. He's certainly got an "artist" type of sense of the world.

Then I get back to work and start checking my messages and Danny DeLurgio had a gig on Friday. I figured that he had already found another bone player, but I called him back a coupla times. Turned out he hadn't filled the spot.

So Fri morning I arranged to get off work right at five and headed out to Orange County. Wound up a bit late for set one, but the gig was really quite nice. It was the Christmas party for Affinity Bank in Ventura, CA. This was a group of about twenty or thirty folk and it was held in a medium sized hotel in Costa Mesa. The food was excellent and the audience was really, really nice. Just as I would expect from folk from Ventura. These are "the good guys". Another stellar small business bank in California.

We did Danny's regular stable of Sinatra and similar tunes, and a few of the pop tunes Danny had on "singalong" recordings.

We had Pat Chartrand on tenor sax and Ray Zapeda on soprano sax (doing the trumpet parts). Yours truly on bone. another fun gig! Pat knew one of the bankers from his "pro-golfer" life. Small world! I think there is a connection between the great golfer and the great musician. They both require extremes of focus and concentration and yet also require profound spacial ability and poise in stressful situations. Turns out that Frank Rosolino was quite and excellent qolfer. Alan Kaplan is another I can think of who is quite a good golfer.

Now, on Saturday, Adam and I go over to Lowe's in Burbank to put in our time selling mistletoe for the Cub Scouts. Seemed like we had SOME business. Not like the lucrative gift wrapping that the Boy Scout troop has. This non-profit fundraising is hellacious! I think everything is OK ($$) with the scouts here though. . .

Didn't even have much time to think about politics. Must be BUSY!


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