Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tough to LOOK AT. . .We Need to Remind Ourselves.

This video is very hard to look at. But we NEED to remind ourselves, not just of the events of 9-11, but of the nature of the enemy. We are at war, but so many of our populace simply ignore the fact.

This war is unlike any other in that it is fundamentally based not upon pure political matters like the two world wars, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam, but instead is based upon a distorted version of religious fervor.

One thing that libs do have right is their fear that religion can result in great, unrelenting, irrational violence. The Fascists, socialists and communists knew that too, and therefore they sought to create a religion of the state. The state takes the place of family and God.

Fast forward to today's middle east and outward to the festering pockets of militant extremist Islam, and you have the same thing, without a very clear political goal. The very fact that these people do not even have a clear idea what they would do, in detail, if they were to achieve their goals, speaks volumes about their effort.

Islamic terror will go on, and on. Be brave. We will need it. We will need it much more if we have a weak leader such as Obama, and we will still need it, if our leader is strong such as John McCain.


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