Saturday, January 27, 2007

Politics - AGAIN . . .I can't stay silent while thousands of morons rally in Washington

Forbes covers the AP Feed on this. . .and my mind says:

That means that there are more people gathered in D.C. listening to Jane Fonda, and others than the KIA in Iraq in the three years of action there.

We now have slightly more than 3,000 KIA in the Iraq war. During the war in which Jane Fonda committed TREASON, [we lost slightly more than 47,000 KIA in Vietnam] we lost in excess of ten times as many soldiers.

During the very first BATTLE that the US Marines fought in World War I, (in France, part of a combined breakout effort by French, British and US forces). . .the Marines lost roughly 5,000!

YES five thousand souls lost their lives for a single mission. . .they did this in the course of a very few days, and for the goals of ONE BATTLE.

I believe sincerely that Jane Fonda, and all the other anti-war protesters are INSULTING all those who lost their lives for these other wars. Whether WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or other actions which are more recent (such as Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm), we must be aware of the actual losses. The losses they are protesting are so small in comparison to these previous instances of warfare that protesters should really be embarrased to be claiming concern. It is evident to me, that politico's are simply USING the fact that there are some KIA in Iraq, in order to suit their purposes. They are not doing this out of any real sympathy for the killed or the wounded. Look at how they use this Cindy Sheehan woman. They make sure her every movement is covered. . .they make sure she has tents, she has ample coverage.

Is this because of sympathy for her? Or is it because they realize that she has "street cred" and can be USED TO GOOD EFFECT

It is our responsibility as citizens to have FACTS in hand when making our decisions. To do anything less, is simply engaging a fad. The protesters, frankly are simply rallying to the most current "cool thing" that they can do, having largely engaged in really no solid research regarding wars. . .warfare. . .the nature of world conflict. . .the reasons that there is an IRAQ, and IRAN, and anything relevant about this conflict.

So you and I have to accept that we will be less safe. . .that our children and grandchildren will be less safe. . .in order to satisfy the urges of the Fondas and idiots of this world. . .

. . thanks a lot.

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