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Now seems like the time that I will be blogging more and will be back developing my personal website. I'm moving the project at work into the final stages. This means that we will be doing work with more modern GL tools. This includes the ability to program using Visual Basic and kindred VB (e.g. VBA) to achieve business goals.

Some of those goals will be:

Advanced cash management
Budgeting (a first here)
Accrual Accounting
Management reporting of pricing and economics for storage rentals
Manpower costing and efficiency analysis
Pension accounting and compliance

This list is not necessarily in the order of importance. In fact, this is one of those situations where so many things are highly important that one wants to dive into all of them. We have some advances in each of those areas already, even without proper modern GL tools. And of course, a GL is a GL even if it were done using paper ledgers. The truth is, however, that modern tools allow for much quicker reporting and updating. Those tools allow for reuse of the existing information and extension of systems to cover specific areas unique to our business line.
Now, I'm also very excited about what I saw during the recent vote on cloture in Washington D.C. The blogs helped, along with radio, to make the "people" (and I truly mean that in the sense the founders meant. . .just ordinary folk, who would not otherwise be directly involved in Federal political action) have a voice, a powerful voice with their elected officials. That means that people decided using the now omnipresent information they receive via the internet, to actually read a bill before congress, and to then use additional information provided by a wide variety of persons who had also looked but who have more extensive legal and civic backgrounds, to make decisions and then to contact their representatives and elected officials.

At one point in the debate, the Capitol switchboard went down and needed to be extended and rebooted. At many points it seemed as if individual fax machines were running out of paper, or ink or both. Phones were being answered, but with much difficulty.


Too bad that the political animal wants to remain aloof from his or her obligation to the people. It is right at this point in time that (mostly democrats. . .a few dinosaur republicans) reps on capitol hill are talking about reviving the fairness doctrine. For those who do not know what that is:

It's pretty simple -- the government says what you will receive through the media. Big Brother kinda stuff! Not good!

Now, it may very well be that some sort of forum for economically challenged viewpoints should be provided (although I think we already have that in PBS - they generally trot out the looney left's every quirky whim on various subjects; of course there is also the major newspaper and TV outlets: NBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Wash Post, NYT Chi Trib, LAT, and the various "magazines"- these all are guaranteed to cover the left's perspective on each and every issue of the time). Right now, we have a pretty decent balance of discussion, IF, AND ONLY IF, you factor in the ability of the right to speak through radio. Once you establish that every outlet (frequently these actions actually exempt TV and Newpapers - WHY IS THAT?) has to balance time for both sides of the issue, you remove the commercial appeal to all outlets, thus making competition in political commentary obsolete. You establish that the commentary is managed by the government.

We should look at:

We need to kill this stuff! I was a regulator. I know that regulators should not establish political speech content. They should be kept a million miles away from that!

This isn't even a conservative position. This is a bipartisan position taken from the minds of such folk as Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Truman, and Eisenhower. You simply cannot cede your right to hear to the government.

Let us hope this stuff dies.



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