Tough to LOOK AT. . .We Need to Remind Ourselves.

This video is very hard to look at. But we NEED to remind ourselves, not just of the events of 9-11, but of the nature of the enemy. We are at war, but so many of our populace simply ignore the fact.

This war is unlike any other in that it is fundamentally based not upon pure political matters like the two world wars, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam, but instead is based upon a distorted version of religious fervor.

One thing that libs do have right is their fear that religion can result in great, unrelenting, irrational violence. The Fascists, socialists and communists knew that too, and therefore they sought to create a religion of the state. The state takes the place of family and God.

Fast forward to today's middle east and outward to the festering pockets of militant extremist Islam, and you have the same thing, without a very clear political goal. The very fact that these people do not even have a clear idea what they would do, in detail, if they were to achieve their goals, speaks volumes about their effort.

Islamic terror will go on, and on. Be brave. We will need it. We will need it much more if we have a weak leader such as Obama, and we will still need it, if our leader is strong such as John McCain.



Hey Mr. Tune, Christian here from Village. So what is your view on this war? You think a strong leader like John McCain will bring victory to this war? What victory? What is the ultimate goal in Iraq? This nation is already in upwards of 9.5 trillion dollars of debt. 4,000+ U.S. soldiers have already died, not to mention the countless wounded, both physically and mentally. McCain mentions of being in Iraq for the next 100 years!! How much more money are we prepared to spend and how many more American lives are we prepared to lose? On the topic of immigration: how can we fight this huge war overseas when our own backdoor is unlocked? Gas and food prices are going up by the day while we allow The Fed to print more money out of thin air. Soon enough the dollar will collapse and there will be no recovery. Secondly, and most importantly, why are we fighting an unconstitutional, undeclared foreign war that has nothing to do with our national security? It is not the presidents job to rule the world and just freely march into any country he chooses. The constitution does not give him that authority. It is the act of Congress to declare war, by a declaration of war. The people have to be behind it. Iraq has no army, no navy, no air force, and no military, for that matter. They are not a threat to us. There are no weapons of mass destruction, and there never were. They have never threatened us or committed any acts of aggression upon us or were ever threat to our national security. Why do we think that we can be the policeman of the world, going into foreign countries to start a democracy and spread American ideologies and freedom with a country who is so displaced from us that we cannot understand that they will never want to accept our democracy. Our presence there is not helping, it is only making things worse, making it a breeding ground for more terrorists. Using force overseas to start a democracy in a complete foreign country is not the answer. With the unnecessary and unprovoked attack on Iraq, our government gave the terrorists just what they wanted. How would we feel if China or Russia were setting up bases in our Country? We would most definitely object, obviously. And we are also now known as a nation known to start war. We feel compelled because of our insecurities that we have to go over and attack countries to maintain our empire. We are now talking about bombing Iran! Unless we realize this, we can never "win." And why is Osama bin Laden not dead?? Was it not him and his henchman (al-qaeda) who attacked us on 9-11? Why was he not killed and is now at large, free to plan more attacks on America? Why did we fail to kill Osama and his henchman, and why did we move onto a foreign policy of nation-building in Iraq? Anyone who knows a thing about 9-11, knows that IRAQ had absolutely NO correlation with the terrorist attacks of 9-11. We should worry about our own problems and not the problems of foreign countries. We need to come home, now, and stick to our original plan: go after those who attacked us.

We are in over 130 countries with over 700 bases overseas...this is a fact. We are spread so thin that our own national security is threatened. We have had troops in Korea, Europe and Japan for over 50 years. How many years is enough? Isn't an American presence in these places only supposed to be temporary, persisting only during the military emergencies that were cited as justification for bringing them there? We waste a staggering amount of manpower, hardware, and wealth on a bloated overseas presence that would be better devoted to protecting the United States itself. We need to be in one country and one country only: OUR OWN. We need to start listening to the Founding Fathers and start obeying the Constitution of the United States. This is the message of American security, fiscal sanity, and common sense.

I hope to hear back from you, Mr. Tune.
Chris Tune said…
Hi Chrisian. I'm glad you are blogging and I can see you are thinking hard about this war.

Unfortunately, this war has not been explained well by the present administration and by the news media. I tend to read extensively, as I'm sure you will be on the blogosphere, so I see a lot more than the average person about all the complexities in this situation in the middle east.

I also remember the exact reasons which we stated that we were going to war against the Sadaam Husein regime and why the administration said a generalized war against terror was needed.

I don't believe we have done as well as we should have in the generalized war against terror, but I DO BELIEVE we have achieved more success than failure so far. . .

The reason we went to war was NOT because Hussein attacked us.

The attackers on 9-11 were primarily individuals from Saudi Arabia, and nearby gulf states, who were allied against the West and against west-leaning middle eastern nations like Saudi-Arabia.

There is also the matter of Islam nd of the totalitarian regimes currently running several middle-eastern nations.

Al-Queda is based upon fundamentalist Islam and it's "Jihad" and also seeks to establish governments based upon Sharia and not upon a pluralistic or democratic tradition.

The reason to try and establish Democratic institutions around the world is because historically democratic institutions do not wage war (this has happened occasionally but rarely) upon their neighbors, nor do they attack unless attacked.

We should continue to discuss this, because this is an immensely complex issue and I'd like to spend more time discussing it with you.

Anonymous said…
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