NESARA seems to be trending a big

It may just be me, but I'm seeing a bit more of the goofy "NESARA" concept being propagated online. This is an idea that the money system will be converted over to full SPECIE (metal, like gold or silver as the only currency, not Federal Reserve Notes). This also conceives there being an elimination of Federal Income Tax and some other ideas.

This is a real idea, which was promoted by a real person and even got some interest on Capitol Hill, but NEVER. . . I repeat NEVER was even sent into a committee, and of course, was never passed into law. This is NOT LAW.

 Here an online anti SCAM site called QUATLOOS (a nice name - means some kind of "money")
talks about this thing, in its more heavily scammy form:

 This is an old scam, but seems to be getting ground going among Q anon folk (who justifiably are suspicious of government, but thus may be susceptible to things like this) because this purports to be:



One could almost point out that such attributes are actually RED Flags indicating a potentially BOGUS situation.

If it is "Too Good to be True, then it PROBABLY IS NOT TRUE"

Our world certainly can use reform, but that doesn't mean that the existing state entirely must be destroyed, or that anyone truly plans to do such a thing. 

Good idea to get to know "Quatloos" (not NESARA) and bone up on the various scams there, because there are plenty of these things and the next call you get just might be a scammer. I know I get calls like this regularly.


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