Friday, November 24, 2006

Jazz Trombone

I'm devoting my site to jazz trombone from here on out. I've seen how political blogs can get "blogged" down . . .what is more fun than music? And since I particularly like jazz like Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Jack Teagarden. . .and well this guy below. . .well then this site should mainly be about jazz trombone.

I'm unsure if this will work but this is supposed to be Frank Rosolino:

Frank Rosolino II
Uploaded by trombone-usa

We shall see. . .won't we?

Or maybe you will see one of the greatest to ever blow jazz on this awkward instrument, the trombone. Frank was probably "certifiable" in a lot of different senses of the word, I'd tend to remember him as certifiably the greatest bebop trombone player (I even have to shift the very, very fine JJ and Kai down to just beneath this guy. . .he's that important to me in the world of bop).

Anyway stay tuned.


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