Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Jazz Trombone

Since this is the world of Web 2.0 and that means that web pages are more and more assembled out of "pieces" of data from all over. . .then by all means we should hip ourselves to the very estimable Mr. Rosolino as he bebops on the most difficult of instruments to do that on. . .the trombone.

Here is yet another great performance by Frank Rosolino playing jazz trombone to the utmost. Frank introduces this tune as being by "Monk, who writes with the 'funk' and that's no 'bunk'. . ." :)

Frank Rosolino VI
Uploaded by trombone-usa

This is truly the guy you need to listen to if you are going to try and survive as a bebop trombone jazz player. You would also do well to listen to JJ Johnson, Kai Winding, Carl Fontana, Curtis Fuller, and really a host of other worthy bone players. But perhaps the important thing about Frank is that we have a lot of high quality and it is available to be heard. Don't be misled by false notions of "West Coast Jazz" vs. "East Coast Jazz". . .the terms really are pretty well abused. Rosolino is pure bebop and would have fit right in with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie or Fats Navarro. These terms like mentioned above are for pedestrians and music critics. . .or basically non-performers.

I got a couple of chances to ask guys of Frank's stature about how to do this. . it is basically this simple: "I play by EAR". And when you hear bebop then you do bebop. It is the hearing part that takes some real work. . .

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