Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Job. . .Accounting. . .Dynamics GP

The title is linked to a page for "Convergence 2007", a Microsoft Dynamics oriented convention scheduled for 2007 in San Diego. On this page, there is a list of blogs having to do with MS Dynamics. So, if you found this blog because of a search on Microsoft Dynamics, feel free to pop over to the list. I think it could be useful. Don't forget to bookmark this blog, especially if you like Jazz music, and/or trombone.

As I thought, Dynamics is having a wonderful run-up with coverage by the user community, hip EDP-oriented , bloggerly folks with much to say about this very powerful financial software. I'm looking forward to learning more about what all those users and developers out there are doing with Dynamics.

Here at Western Studio Service, we plan on implementing MS Dynamics GP starting this coming month (February). This should vastly improve on ledger function and provide a base with which to fully track and manage information in this very , very good company.

WSS is the leading provider of storage service for the Entertainment Industry here in Los Angeles, CA (i.e. Hollywood, "beautiful Downtown Burbank", etc.). Beyond warehousing, WSS also provides some rental services and cartage services. Everything in this company is geared around very full service, with our customers and especially those in the "biz" expecting and appreciating that level of involvement by a storage and cartage company.

Expect more on the learning process and on where you can go to move from being a saavy EDP-oriented person, toward being a Dynamics "guru". [hopefully, that paint I ordered for my forehead will come in soon. . .then it's going to be a "religious experience". . . :-) ]

Stay "Tuned"

Chris Tune

blogger wrote: "DYNAMICS-IS. . .WELL, DYNAMIC!"..

indeed! :)

great blogs my friend, i wish i can write like you. anyways i came across this site and thought it might be related. it's about custom programming for dynamics gp. let me know what you think, it's at
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