Wednesday, March 02, 2005

BBC - Radio 2 - Big Band Special - YOU GOTTA HEAR ADRIAN DROVER

BBC - Radio 2 - Big Band Special Home Page

This is a link to a great radio show featuring the arrangements (and some composition) by arranger/composer Adrian Drover.

Those of us who subscribe to the TROMBONE-L listserver discussion list on things "trombone", know Adrian as a very funny fellow. . . but, in reality Adrian is a really very gifted musician, arranger and composer. Mr. Drover is living in Scotland and here is heard conducting the BBC big band in two forms:

With added horn section (as in "french" horn) and tuba AND as a regular big band complement of five trumpet, five trombone, five sax and rhythm section.

I'm hearing very good contrapuntal writing and enjoyable music in a modern, yet traditionally grounded big band style.

Gotta go to the Academic Decathlon soon. We're gearing up for the 2005 Decathlon, to be done March 11, 12 with registration starting March 10. I'm updating the webpages now to add forms and info docs available over the net.

Later, I'll have to debug an app that is used to update the News onto the news page and the home page. The app is bringing back a very old version of the home page. I'll have to figure out how it's doing that and change the code or come up with something else entirely new which will do the same thing.

Chris Tune

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