Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Musings of an Unlikely Alpaca

Musings of an Unlikely Alpaca

Here is the blog of the founder of "Demidec". This company provides study materials for persons competing in Academic Decathlon events. If you don't already know what an Academic Decathlon is, you should check out the links at the lower right. There is a link to the California Academic Decathlon. You can also Google on "academic decathlon" and you will get several sites from either participating high schools or hosting entities which provide the state or national forum for these events.

[that was a very looong sentence. . . sorry!]

Anyway, this fellow Dan Berdichevsky, is running an interesting company. He is also blogging. How cool!

Dan was a star academic decathalete and then figured that it would be a good thing to create material for others studying for the decathlon. There is a national organization which establishes the curricula of each year's competition, so the material is standardized.

Meanwhile, I'm focusing on improving the CAD site, but may have to scale back a bit. I may be moving on in the employment arena (. . .the good kind of moving on. . .but sadly, CAD may not be the place. . )

Chris Tune

There should be more comments on these WONDERFUL blog entries. . .but I don't get that many. . .yet!

I'm not giving up! It's Blog or Die!

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