Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Are People in Antarctica Talking About "Blogs"?

It seems everybody is talking about "Blogs". Well, ALMOST talking. I call talking where you actually COMMUNICATE! Everybody has the word "Blog" on their lips. The current issue of FORTUNE magazine has the faces of important people in the so-called "World of Blogging" on the cover. . .and yadda, yadda, yadda, etc. etc.

What's evident to me is that there are millions of people who are beginning to realize that web logs could be a very interesting, important thing. . .IF ONLY THEY KNEW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE...........

This is a weblog.

The weblogs that have mattered most in the recent past are the Political Weblogs. Ones like Little Green Footballs and so forth. Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts are trying to create weblogs and "keep up with the Joneses" of Internet Journalism. And some are "evangelists" for weblogging, or "Blogging".

I usually try to use the Internet to just Goof Off in an intellectual way. I feel what I have to say is important even if it is just about the potholes in my street or something similar. I am in love with playing trombone, so that will be part of the focus. I'm also interested in politics, so that will pop up too.

Right now I'm pretty busy working at a Temp Accounting Job.

Anybody looking through the blogosphere and wanting an accountant (in the Los Angeles, CA area) contact me at

Meanwhile keep on Blogging.


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