Sunday, January 30, 2005

Chris Tune's Blog: See Links and Images Now

Now With LINKS!:
I've added images and links now as I learn more about blogging. This is quite fun. I've put links to the California Academic Decathlon, where I've been working, and to my own personal web page, which I've had for years and have been updating. You can find more images over at

Looking forward to much more blogging and keeping the blog quite up to date. Just today things are a bit slow. . .did some gardening and went to church, of course, but mostly a slow day. . .EXCEPT IN BAGHDAD! Boy are Iraqis quite happy and excited about really voting. . .in most instances this is the first time ever voting in any meaningful way. For the American Citizen Iraqi this is the first time voting as an Iraqi. I am sure they are very excited and optimistic now.

I wish them well.

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