Sunday, January 30, 2005

Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.

Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.

Kos writes in early December (still bitter about the Kerry defeat) that Shrum should. . .woulda. . .coulda. . .

Well maybe the reason that Kerry couldn't really go there was due to the facts laid out in "Compromised - Clinto, Bush (referring to the elder) and the CIA Really re-opening BCCI would lead to embarrassment for both George HW Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as the CIA. Although nobody seems to worry as much today about the CIA, it still is a formidable organization.

This book by Terry Reed and John Cummings (a pretty well known author) is also headed " The Confluence of IRAN-CONTRA and WHITEWATER". Which is kind of a misnomer unless you simply define "Whitewater" as "any Clinton-esk scandal". Then the blurb makes sense. Look for this book on Amazon. It may not be published any more by Clandestine Publishing (Penmarin Books), but you may get a used copy. Its 681 pages. I was simply not able to put the book down. I may re-read it any day now.

This book is fabulous. It lays out so very many facts that one must either believe that Terry Reed has an IQ of 240 and invented this or that it really, really did happen just like this. There are only so very many credit card slips, specific references to FAA data, names, dates, places, events, even up to and including murder, which all come together so seamlessly in this book, that refuting it would take another individual exerting a huge work effort and IQ to boot! Nonetheless, others have tried to paint Reed as a nut. I kinda doubt it.

So maybe, just maybe. . .this stuff actually happened. That means that there was a cooperative effort by Clinton and Olver North to manufacture guns and pilots for the Contras and ultimately a convenient side business in cocaine smuggling.

The book makes Clinton look fairly bad. . .not hideous, but smarmy and pretty much a real "partier." Makes elder Bush look sneaky (he appears to have been involving in an attempt to smear Reagan. . .the attempt fails anyway. . .teflon style), but otherwise neither of these guys looks really all that hideous to jaded-ole-me. . .Bush looks just like you might expect ex-CIA to look. . .spy-like.

Frankly, I can understand why neither of these two factions want this to become COMMON KNOWLEDGE. But I think BCCI and this story are too complicated to become another simple tale. . .I think anyone willing to really commit to assimilating complex sets of facts should give this a try. BCCI is in the middle of this stuff, as are the "guns-to-the-contras" scheme.

The book is basic reading for anyone trying to understand the dissonance between the Bush family and the Clintons.

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