Sunday, January 30, 2005

California Academic Decathlon Website

California Academic Decathlon Website


Here is the website for the California Academic Decathlon. This is a pretty darn good thing. The organization allows high school students all over California to compete in an academic setting (thus the "decathlon" designation). This phenomenon is so prevalent that most states are involved and there is a National Academic Decathlon.

It's interesting to see how well our high schools do in a pure competitive environment. It will be interesting also, to see if more and more high schools become involved in this institution.

You can visit the CAD site and see some winning teams. As of now, I will be helping manage the website for CAD and our current project is to put up documents to allow the paper work for teams in the decathlon to proceed a bit easier.

I'm sure there are lots of wonderful things that could be done on the CAD website to better serve the Academic Decathlon community.

Chris Tune

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