Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Nice points over at Little Red Blog--anti semites work overtime in former USSR

Chris Tune's Blog

Never a savory dish, we find much of great distaste in the former USSR that reminds us of why this former command and control economy ultimately "ran out of gas". Now we hear of extensive anti-semitism in this "wonderful" country.

I'm not surprised. Those persons who are using their "bigotry" muscles more than the muscles in their heads. . .well, they will continue to do that until better persons come along to replace them. . .that's what free market economies are about. . .and that's what free societies do politically.

All we have to remember is that we, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA support, via the first amendment, freedom of political discourse.

If Jews want to say something, they should, if those opposed to them want to say something, they should. . . .

Of course that's the way it goes here in the U.S.

Elsewhere. . .jury is out on that one.

. . .and in the blogosphere these words will be instantly available and will be sorted by some of the finest minds likely to see it. . .

Just my extemporaneous thoughts.

Chris Tune
Valley Village, CA

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