Friday, February 11, 2005

Northern Alliance Radio Network

Northern Alliance Radio Network


Yes, in Minnesota, Democrats can debate whether Ronald Reagan should be honored. . . .YES! Democratic politics has come to this. . .several of the MN Dems said stubbornly that they were unhappy or distressed at the "ideology" that seems to have been part of a resolution honoring Reagan's birthday.

Perhaps they are distressed that many citizens in Minnesota are beginning to realize that the Democratic party no longer represents any of their most important beliefs. Perhaps the typical citizen of Minnesota feels that there are things more important than allowing every woman to be able to have an abortion any time she wants it. Or perhaps they see grander issues than supporting the right of college professors to preach "hate" about the history of the United States (i.e. Ward Churchill).

Just maybe. . .

Incidentally, I can't help but like these guys up in frosty Twin Cities. Loved walking for miles and miles on your city's elevated second-story walkway (most of the city of Minneapolis has this cool enclosed walkway at the second story level. . .it allows you to walk indoors around most of the city.

Way cool! . . .er WARM!

Chris Tune
here in reasonably warm, but rainy

Los Angeles, CA

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