Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Daily Kos

Daily Kos
Kos is Clinically Depressed and todays drivel about GOTV.

Apparently no good deed may go unpunished in the bleak, foul world of the Daily Kos. . .while admitting that voting may somehow be positive ["Anytime a people get to vote, it's a good thing."] which appears to be the ONLY POSITIVE STATEMENT in the entire post, KOS goes on to prattle endlessly about every manner of imperfection in our vast globe. This is a common malady of the clinically depressed. Events that cause celebration for the mentally healthy only cause renewed dread in the depressed mind.

Let me straigten this out:

Conservatives ARE AWARE that the situation is not perfect. That is PRECISELY why we should use techniques that WORK!

Shall we listen to the all-knowing KOS and gradually move toward a Marxist, totalitarian regime, simply because we are negative, focus solely on what is wrong and therefore wish for Government (Big, Big, Big Government) to fix it?


KOS complains that the Shiites will dominate over the Sunnis. That uses a very simplistic view of domination. In a pluralistic, DIVERSE socitety it is actually very difficult for any one group to DOMINATE another totally, and it would especially be so when the main differences in culture are religious.

Assuming religious tolerance.

Now that there is a possibility. . .even a liklihood that there may be a decent democracy in the middle east, we may be moving toward tolerance, at least in the Middle East.

We are undoubtedly not going to move in the direction of tolerance in KOS's house!

Chris Tune

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