Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Matthew Yglesias: Beyond Carter

Matthew Yglesias: Beyond Carter
GULAG? . . . I thought that referred to a COMMUNIST institution!

So now we conservatives are planning to lock up anybody who professes to be liberal.
Maybe we'll even lock up Dennis Prager. . .after all he calls himself an old-school liberal or something similar. He posits that the liberal of the 1940's who would have voted for Roosevelt, now is a member of the Republican party and likely voted for BOTH BUSHES.

Look at this lefty blogger and you can feel the panic. . .it's no fun when you have no cogent, comprehensive political philosophy.

Yes, it's no fun being a Dem: All you really know is these idiot neo-cons are going to take away a woman's right to kill her unborn fetus.

Chris Tune
Valley Village, CA

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